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Fresh First Flowers

  • fresher than fresh
  • highest quality
  • extensive selection ordered direct from the grower
  • current (seasonal) products
  • orders made between 3pm – 05.30/10.00 o'clock -> sent the same afternoon
  • using a “track en trace” system

For example; a gerbera that is still in the greenhouse at 8 o'clock in the morning will be cut specially and not much later, your order is sent directly to you. It can't be any fresher than that! Place your orders using our special Fresh First price list, or contact your Sales Agent.

The Fresh First Team is constantly busy in order to make acquaintance with new top growers, to extend the assortment provided with as many variations as possible and of the highest quality. We at Barendsen, try to provide the largest choice of products available for our clients. We vary what we have on offer regularly according to the season. This ensures, that our clients have the most current products at their disposal.

Every day you will receive an email containing the new Fresh First price list. Alternatively, this price list can also be found in our webshop. Placing your order is possible as of 3pm the day before until 05.30-10.00am on the day itself (the actual time depends on the individual grower). After this time, it is not possible to place any online orders.

The buyers collate the orders together and thereafter contact the growers to pass on the orders received. The grower cuts the flowers and prepares them ready for Barendsen, where they will be either collected or delivered between 10.00am and 12.00pm.

Throughout the whole of the Netherlands, Barendsen has 5 vans that drive to and from the flower farms, to collect the flowers. These vans are followed ‘live’ by a ‘Track & Trace’ system, so that extra orders can be directly processed if the grower is still contactable.

We at Barendsen confirm your order is complete and is dispatched the same afternoon.

The Barendsen Team heartily recommends the Fresh First programma! You benefit and take full advantage of all options that this special service provides. We guarantee you of an exceptional fresh product of excellent quality.

Our buyers are continuously searching for new Fresh First products. Please take a look at our Fresh First video on Youtube.