Fresh First Plants

Ordered in the morning, the same afternoon on it's way to you! That is Fresh First Plants! Based upon our many years experience with the Fresh First system, in which we use the same methods to collect our fresh cut flowers from the grower, is how Fresh First Plants was set up. A winning, well trust worthy system made achievable by the assistance and experience from our partner Lagoflor.

Fresh First Plants:

  • plants collected at the grower after the order
  • from the grower directly to our logistics centre for sorting and transportation
  • our own working system resulting in beautiful and fresh products
  • excellent supervision with the correct knowledge
  • possibility to order small quantities

Fresh First Plants are composed on a weekly basis by Esther Schreuder, who is always searching for interesting and quirky plants. Nothing is too much trouble for her, so ask away and she'll do her very best for you!

Alongside fresh plants we also offer inspiration by presenting a Plant of the Month. This plant is featured with beautiful pictures on our Pinterest page.

Check out our YouTube film!