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Barendsen GB


Barendsen values the way humans and products are treated. To give customers insight into how sustainable Barendsen’s business is, the company has been certified by MPS. MPS is an organization that demonstrates quality and sustainability in the international horticulture sector. In addition to obtaining the certificate, Barendsen is also the founding father of Benefits of Nature. You can find the corresponding explanation below.

MPS-GTP (MPS- Good Trade Practice)
MPS Good Trade Practice is a certificate for the trade industry. Barendsen has obtained the certificate for the import and export of flowers and plants, as well as trade in horticulture and related products. The certificate is aimed at improving the traceability of the flowers and plants and focuses on quality, the environment, and business operations.

Founding father Benefits of Nature
Benefits of Nature calculates and improves the footprint of companies and their products in international agriculture and horticulture with the purpose of making the horticulture sector more sustainable, especially when it comes to ornamental cultivation. As a founding father of Benefits of Nature, Barendsen ensures that the beautiful concept can continue to exist and achieve its goal.

Not only is Barendsen itself certified, but more and more of our products also carry a quality mark. Do you have any questions about our certification? Please feel free to send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Flora Decora

Frankfurt January 2018

In January was the second edition of Floradecora and this year it was fully integrated in the Christmasworld, situated in the beautiful airy and spacious Galleria . The Floradecora was like a breath of fresh air in the midst of all the warm and seasonal Christmas expositions in the rest of the Messe. The Barendsen stand could be found right at the top of the staircase, and could not be missed. We made a special effort to welcome our visitors in a light and refreshing atmosphere, and created a space full of the most beautiful flowers and plants in green and white colors. Our special Floradecora sofa at the center of the stand was very inviting and Jan de Boer welcomed many old and new friends there!

Celosia Art

Lisse, August 2015

Just another example of how Barendsen supports special initiatives. Celosia grower Jan Noordam needed a showcase for his extraordinary flowers and together with Museum De Zwarte Tulp in Lisse we organized the exhibition Celosia Meets Art. The celosia, a work of art in itself, never looked more beautiful!

IPM 2018

Essen, January 2018

Our friends of Bloom’s invited us again to join them at the IPM and naturally we were very happy to be a part of their Sonderschau at the IPM in 2018. Instead of bringing a selection of several different flowers we decided to focus on one spectacular flower this year; the Roselily from grower Moerman. This is a new variety, and is especially interesting because it does not have pistils and is less fragrant. Most people love a lily but tend to avoid them because of the pistils that can cause stains and because of the overpowering fragrance. These disadvantages have been bred out of the Roselily making it a perfect flower for everyone to enjoy.  The double petals make it an especially beautiful flower!