Bulbflower Parade 2015

For the very first time, Barendsen was present at the world famous Bulbflower Parade this year in April. For many years now, Barendsen has been a great champion of promoting unusual and extraordinary varieties of flowers. The Bulbflower Parade seemed like an excellent opportunity to do just that and we decided to put the 2015 summer flower, the bright, colourful and special Celosia, in the spotlight!

Together with a selection of the finest Celosia growers; Lex van Santen, Noordelier, Bos Bloemen, Fo Sonneveld, en Molenkamp we came up with a plan. Master Flower Arranger Mr. Thomas Oertig from Zurich, with the assistance of two ladies from our company, was responsible for the beautifully decorated Jeep and trailer, which was finally covered in Celosia. It was a spectacular sight; all the beautiful colours made for a lovely bright picture!

The parade drove through the region on Friday night and Saturday during the day, attracting large and enthusiastic crowds. On Sunday the floats were stationed at the Market Square in Haarlem where the public could admire the floats up close.

Take a look at the pictures:

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